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100% Vegetable Ingredients

Did you know that all our products are 100% vegetarian and that more than 90% of them are made from vegan materials? We use only vegetarian ingredients, because we do not support animal abuse. Our products are not tested on animals, as well as the ingredients used during production.
Many cosmetic manufacturers rely on animal ingredients. Instead we are actively looking for alternative of vegetable origin. For example, glycerine, which we use in our soap base is made from U.S. soybeans. The result is a luxurious, 100% vegetarian and quality soap. In some cases, we were determined to use ingredients such as honey, yogurt and eggs in our products. We continuously strive to ensure that each material use in the production come from the green economy and from suppliers who have ethical behavior and share similar values as Soaphoria.


Animal Protection

Did you know that cosmetic product tests were made especially on rabbits  forquality element "skin irritation" in the past? Not tested on animals should not be just a slogan. It should also represent steps implemented in practice, in the manufacture of cosmetic products, from the selection of raw material suppliers and materials to test the finished product concepts before placing on the market. On the labels of our products you can find a small logo indicating we are proud that our products and raw materials are not tested on animals.


Ethical Purchase

Each piece of finished product is made to please consumers, charme with beautiful fragrance and fulfill its function through the amount of incorporated active substances. Brand Soaphoria has also been established due to the wide gap in the Slovak market for natural cosmetics. We strive to help our economy by buying herbs  from regional herbalists from all over the Slovak Republic, the raw materials from domestic suppliers, while offering our finished products at reasonable and affordable prices, which make quality natural cosmetic products available  for the widest segment. Buying brand products Soaphoria help our economy.



Inspired by nature ... made with love! Our products are result of daily manual labor, which is happily carried out by the members of Soaphoria team. In each product and also for example in furniture designed for our stores you can feel the effort and devotion, with which they were created for us, for nature lovers from gifts of nature.


Eco Packaging

When it comes to packaging, less is more! We are extremely proud of how we pack our products. To protect our environment and wildlife we use easily decomposable paper on product labels,  we try to eliminate artificial and plastic packaging materials. We prefer glass, you have the option to return to us and get the discount on the purchase so we can use it again.